Hi! My name is Therese Grace Margaret Alonso-Jance Uy. I’m 20 years old and I currently live in the Philippines.

My father is Chinese-Filipino and my mother is Spanish-Austrian. But I am 100% Filipina at heart. It’s fascinating to see other Hapas like me. In my opinion, Hapas are exotic and beautiful people.

When I was a kid, many, including my friends referred to calling me as the “curly haired german girl.” It’s pretty cool that I can also be mistaken as deutsche.

Growing up, I’ve not had any difficulty being multiracial. I took it as an advantage.
Here in the Philippines, Hapas tend to be popular in their communities and praised upon for their looks. Although, I’m not popular (in any way) because I’m more of the quiet and shy type halfie, I still tend to grab other’s attention without even trying.

I love to read the stories and experiences here from other Hapas around the globe. It’s inspiring and motivating that they are proud of their heritage and appreciate cultural differences. I love being Hapa!

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