I’m Mona and I was born and raised in the UAE.

I didn’t give any attention to my mixed ethnicity as I wasn’t aware of it or how important that would be for me.

But at the age of 15, that was my 1st time to see the world especially my other half race country (Philippines). From that moment, I realized how happy and comfortable I was more than I am back home (UAE). I realized Asia is where I found my heart at, I was lost in belonging.

It is strange sometimes when someone chooses another country over where they actually came from…but this is how I feel and I can’t change my feelings, so if ever I wanna settle, it would be Japan.

I simply fell in love with Japan since it is part of my descent. I feel so proud that I wish I were pure Japanese or half Japanese. But at least I have some blood of it and I can’t stop falling in love with Japan everyday :)

And now, I’m proudly half Asian, and it makes me a special person as well. I chose my Japanese blood over the rest hahah…how strange and weird. But of course I wouldn’t be me if the rest of my mixed blood isn’t there.

3 thoughts on “Arab, Filipino, Spanish, Japanese

  1. I’m mixed Japanese and Moroccan too bad both sides of my families hated me🤣Anyway It’s cool to see others mixed like me🤗U have the best of both worlds

  2. Heyy,
    I’m Filipino and Arabic aswell but I have Spanish in my blood too. It’s actually so cool how you’re filipino and Arabic because I haven’t seen as much like you and I. Oh by the way thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing .. I am from the same country like you ( UAE ) . My father is Arab and my mother is from Pakistan and I have Persian blood in me as well. unfortunately the society here don’t accept the variation in ethnicity but I don’t care anymore. I really would like to communicate with you. We have a lot in common.


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