Just stumbled upon this site, and think it’s wonderful.

I love to see what others of mixed race look like, especially my mix, because neither side of ancestry seems to recognize what I am.

9.9/10 times Filipinos are surprised that I am Filipino (maybe because of my skin colour, hard to tell in the hue of the photo, but I tend to be pretty pale), and yet Caucasians often detect Asian blood. Funny that way.

I seem to be mistaken most commonly for Latina, while Caucasians detect Asian blood, and Asians either think I’m completely white (weird?) or Latina, on the rare occasion someone will ask if I’m Persian.

I just think its pretty neat! Especially seeing kids of very exotic mixes out there. I used to be challenged by mixed race in the past by the frustration felt, not being accepted as anything really, but now I get mostly positive feedback, and I’m glad to look a bit different!

As for what I identify with culturally, have to say, mostly Canadian even though I am intune with Filipino culture too, this is where I grew up. I am interested in my Celtic roots, but far removed from Ireland.

One thought on “Irish, Filipino

  1. You and I share very similar stories! :) It’s interesting how much people identify the color of someone’s skin with their race…. hmm!!

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