I was born and raised in Asia my whole life and have never lived in a European country.

I am extremely proud of being part Asian! Because I am really proud I hate it when people say “Stop trying to be Chinese, you’re white.” I don’t try to be Chinese, I am Chinese.

I admit, I don’t really look Eurasian; I look more European than Asian but deep down my looks don’t tell the whole story.

No, I have not always embraced my heritage. In fact, for some reason, I was ashamed of being a Hapa.

But I started to look at it the way a foreigner would, and the amazement they showed when I told them I’m half Chinese. I started to see how wonderful Asia is and how exotic it is.

I also used to be angry because I didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes, and I blamed my mum for it. But now that I’m older and mature I see how special I can be.

I have auburn hair that changes colour almost everyday and I have brown eyes. My advice is to embrace yourself no matter where you come from. Cliche but simple!

3 thoughts on “Australian, British, Irish, Chinese

  1. You look Eurasian to me, your eyes are a dead giveaway. People who have told you, you look more white, need to get their eyes checked, I can tell a mile away that you are part Asian.

  2. I think You looking so beautiful with dark eyes, hair and pale skin. I have the same problem, but some people tell me, that I’m polish , cause they don’t know about hapa . In fact I’m half polish and japanese , and I have blue eyes.. It look strange a bit. There are also people who consider me Japanese.
    … I was ashamed of being a Hapa too , however now I’m just proud of it. ^__^
    Greetings, pretty Hapa girl !

  3. I think that you are a wonderful young lady and that you should be very proud that you have reached this realization about your diverse background at such a young age.

    I have met many of ‘hapa’ that were ashamed, in denial, or just blatantly hostile about their background. It is sad that some families are just not supportive of their mixed relations.

    Isn’t it weird that you can relate to a total stranger that is a hapa than with some members of your family?

    I am half-Japanese/ half-Samoan and living in the US. I appreciate all three cultures very mcuh. When I was younger I had some problem about not being like everyone else. Now I am my own person doing my own thing.

    Good luck!

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