I was adopted at birth (open adoption by a white couple) and at first I didn’t know much about the Samoan half of my heritage because we never lived in an area with any kind of Pacific Islander population.

The adoption by the white family posed a rather unique challenge because I grew up within that culture and act more “white.” My knowledge of my Samoan culture is purely academic but I am meeting more people since finally moving to an ethnically diverse city.

My son was born in December 2011 and he’s half-Japanese in addition to being 1/4 Samoan and 1/4 White. It’s going to be an adventure teaching him about his heritage. :) It also helps that I am finally getting to know my biological parents so he has a chance to learn from both sides of his family (the parents who raised me are unfortunately now deceased).

One thought on “Samoan, Caucasian

  1. That’s actually really interesting. I’m also of Somoan-Caucasian decent and was adopted at birth into a white family. I also have a son who is 1/2 white 1/4 Somoan and 1/4 Hispanic.

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