I was born in Vietnam and lived there until I was 5.

My dad is English, Irish, and Scottish. My mum is full Thai.

I moved to England and am still living there and I hope to move to Thailand when im older.

As I grew up people joked around about my race and found it funny, including my friends.

None of my friends are half half so they don’t understand.

I’ve always wanted to be either Thai or English but I have started to embrace my nationality and have started to learn to read and write in Thai (can already speak).

One thought on “Thai, English, Irish, Scottish

  1. Hello there, I am about to have twin boys with my thai gf, they will be Scottish/ English and half Thai, I am very proud that they will have duel nationality I think it’s a beautiful mix and we both are very excited! I am worried that they will have the same problems as you have had in your life, you are a very strong girl and I’m happy to hear you are embracing your nationality I hope my boys will be as strong as you when they are your age, you can be very proud of your race and who you are :) all the best, Dunc

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