My name is Cindy and I was born in Southern California to a Mexican mother and a Japanese father.

Unfortunately, my birth parents couldn’t keep me and I was eventually  adopted by a Mexican-American family. We moved to Japan when I was three; five years later, our family journeyed back to the States, where we’ve lived ever since.

My mother told me of my origins just after I graduated from high school; as a result, many of my questions have been answered, and I hope to get the rest down in the future.

As a young adult, I haven’t met either of my birth parents; the picture below is of my birth mother and me asan infant. I have not yet met my father.

I have to admit, it was quite a culture shock to be back in America after being rooted in Japan for so long.

I remember coming home from school crying because of the cruelty of my classmates who would make fun of me by stretching their eyes and making fun of my lack of knowledge of the English language.

Once in the fifth grade, the teacher was asking the class what the month was, she called on me and I mistakenly told her it was October, when it was actually April! The shame…

Sometimes, I still have trouble understanding certain American customs but will work to finally feel comfortable here.

3 thoughts on “Mexican, Japanese

  1. Japanese+Mexican=Japsican
    My next door neighbors are also Japanese and Mexican. My kids are Flippish (Filipino+Irish=Flippish) and you are blessed to have two beautiful cultures to draw from. Thank God for websites like this one we need to spread awareness.

  2. So sorry for the late reply! I’m sorry you had a culture shock, also; it’s a good thing we all learn to adapt somehow. Glad to hear you’re taking Japanese! Please take care! ^_^

  3. Wow! this is great and your heritage is beautiful just like any other hapas. I am 100% Mexican, which of course means that I am a “mestizo”. Anyway I love learning about Japanese Culture, language etc.. I move to E.U. when I was 13 so I had some similar experiences of cultural shock and the lack of knowledge of the English Language make me feel different.
    It’s awesome to see people mixed like you. Right now I am taking Japanese language as my language class in school. My sensei told me that since I have this Spanish speaking background my accent in Japanese is great. I feel so happy about it!
    It was nice to see a Mexican-Japanese person. :)

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