I am proud of my multi-racial culture now more than ever. Growing up, I experienced a great deal of racism. Some of it was blatant and out in the open, some of it was in a more subtle passive aggressive way with looks or veiled comments.

My brother and I were different than the other children in our predominantly Caucasian neighborhood. For awhile, we were the only children of color around. People didn’t know how to categorize us.

The pain that comes from feeling ostracized and not belonging created deep wounds, but also great character. I was able to find my own identity through an outlet of art and creative expression.

The beauty of not blending in is I have never questioned my uniqueness,or doubted my originality. I developed a deep sense of strength and compassion for humanity.

I feel a camaraderie and love for my fellow Hapas. We are  the combination of cultures not afraid to join together and find love and create something new. Our existence forges a path for more interracial connection and understanding. We are beautiful.

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