I absolutely love being Hapa!

I am half Japanese, half Caucasian and my dad’s parents are from Britain. My mom’s dad grew up in Hawaii even though he is Japanese and married a Japanese woman in Japan.

It is true though, growing up I hardly knew who to identify with, as I could never call myself Asian and my friends have always been a mix of races, while I wish in a way there was a group of Hapas I could just, be like, hey I’m Hapa let’s be friends! As Chinese people can easily make friends with Chinese, or Indians, make friends with Indians, or as in my boyfriend’s case, Russians make friends with Russians!

I’ve been explaining to people for years what “Hapa” is and in school I even wrote a paper about it and upon research found that there is a group of people who are mad the term “Hapa” is becoming so widely used. Oh well, I think it is great I can call myself Hapa and have it be accepted by the majority, because what else would I be otherwise?

My sister is dating a Hapa too, he is half Mexican, half Japanese. A great mix I must say! Hapa features can look so exotic!

Rock on Hapas!!

I also made a blog called Hapa Time at hapatime.blogspot.com which is how I found Hapa Voice :)

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