Yes there are more of us Hapas out there and I guess it’s good to share this. I will keep it simple.

I’m Kim-Sung Ariza and I was born in the great nation of Korea in Daejeon and I am proud to be Korean.

Besides being Asian my father is of  French, Dutch and Polish decent, my Mother is just Korean. My father grew up in Iłża in Poland. I also visited there to meet my father’s family but that’s about it for me when it comes to his relatives.

I speak French more than Korean these days, as I teach French children to speak Korean. Some children in class say I look more German but my French-European accent kind of gives them a feel of my own European cultural background.

I’m still in my mid 20s but I have one child to a German man who I’m still seeing. I hope she can grow to accept and appreciate her unique cultural background because it made me the kind of person I am today.

I’m Ariza and proud to be a Hapa.

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