Hi, my name is Amanda and I’m a proud Hapa.

My dad is Indian and Syrian and identifies a Middle Eastern and my mom is Japanese and Swedish.

I was born in Canada, but after my mom lost her job we moved to my grandma’s house in Sweden.

I was 12 when we moved and my dad had to homeschool me because I couldn’t speak Swedish.

To my surprise being part Middle Eastern was a much bigger problem than not speaking Swedish. My dad had adopted my mom’s religion and people always stared at me and my dad when we went to church.

Right now I still live with my mom and dad and im a high school senior at a public school in Virginia. The people at my school tell me I look Hispanic or Filipino and “fake” because I dont look very japanese. My boyfriend who is Thai and African-American has to face the same issue, but we are both proud Hapas and looking forward to adding more diversity to our family trees!! :)

2 thoughts on “Indian, Syrian, Japanese, Swedish

  1. It gets better as you get older and you’ll discover a different type of ‘standing out’… you’ll be the girl that every guy wants to be with and every other girl wants to look like, just don’t let it go to your head. ;)

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