My whole life I never fit in to any category.

I hated being viewed as a “silly white girl” for liking things of Asian culture.

I had a teacher tell me he couldn’t believe I was a great student because I “looked Mexican.”

2 thoughts on “Filipino, German…

  1. Wahhh, your teacher was RUDE. Im half hungarian and half mexican. I guess living in Canada i wasnt really exposed to that kind of problem. But people are always surprised when i say im a hungary-mexican lol. There are so few mexicans here, but a lot of asians ( mean like chinese, viets, koreans predominantly) like in most countries i guess. Since they have a very high population. It would be interesting to meet another hungary mexican lol p.s you are pretty :)

  2. Even though you probably do, just so you know, you are not alone. The treatment of people like us is kind of like what might happen if a proverbially square peg is inserted into machinery expecting a round one. We don’t fit, and there is a tendency to at least figuratively and in some way destroy us. It is – like a machine – inhuman. Humans are neither square nor round, both and neither.

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