Hi my names Michael but I go by Mika :)

Just wanna say that I think mixed races are super beautiful! Such a great advantage to grow up exposed to different cultures.

I live in Southern California, there’s so many different kinds of people that make this place really wonderful!

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many Asians or mixed people where I live and grew up. After I’m done with school and transfer to a university I’m sure the amount of unique people will increase.

As for my background, I lived with my mom and dad who are natives of their homelands. They met here in California not too far from we are at now.

I have always took an interest in both sides but never really picked a favorite. I speak Spanish but not Japanese. I live in a primarily Hispanic city so its was probably a good choice to learn Spanish :)

6 thoughts on “Japanese, Salvadoran

  1. Hey I know how you feel, My name is Jeffrey Kimura, and I live in Los Angeles, My father is japanese, and my mother is salvadoran. Crazy mix. You’re not alone. SoCal Hapas!!!

  2. Great mix! I am half Japanese and half German, French, Irish. My boyfriend, who I plan to marry, is half Puerto Rican and half Irish. I am dying to know what our kids would look like and I came across this site. Love Hapas!

  3. It always brings me a smile when I see fellow Latino/Asian mixes.

    I know what you mean by not really picking a favorite side, if you’re looking for some fellow SoCal Hapas, especially around the college age group, hit us up on facebook ^_^ We’re always trying to hang out with our fellow SoCal Hapas :)

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