Hi I’m Jesse.

At least there are more people like me and of course I like who I am (even though I kind if found it hard).

Just a bit about myself? I grew up in Pyongyang North Korea, as my Dad was a Diplomat for Italians, Italy and of course establishing trade. I lived their until I was 7 and we moved to Aquitaine France and I have been their ever since.

My Mom is Half (North) Korean and French and my Dad is of Italian and German decent. The two met when he was living in North Korea and that’s where they had my brother and I. Knowing I was from North Korea kind of made it hard at school and being somewhat of Asian decent even though it doesn’t amazingly show.

I’m in year 10 at school but I’m not an active person to talk about this but at least with Hapa I can let people know.

But on a positive I’m different and at least I can say I have been to North Korea (most of all conceived there =_=), and speak Korean well, and I do get involved many culture ceremoniess for Korean community to show my good faith :D

3 thoughts on “North Korean, Italian…

  1. Wow, it’s very rare you see North Koreans outside of NK. You prob don’t remember too much since you were only there until 7. To be born in North Korea and end up living in Europe – that’s definitely rare. Does your mother speak of it often? It’s a fascinating place considering how isolated it tries to be. Then again I’m in the United States and there are NO North Koreans here at all (at least that I’ve met).

  2. Your story is very interesting! Thanks for sharing it. ^_^ I myself am half Hong Kong Chinese, half mixed of German, English, Irish, French, and Swiss, and my niece (my sister’s daughter) is like you, 1/4 asian and all those nationalities PLUS more! She has blue eyes and light reddish brown hair, and though she doesn’t LOOK very asian, she really embraces her asian side and is proud of it. She hasn’t had the chance to experience Asia, yet though. I hope she can go there someday…

    That’s awesome that you can speak Korean! Is it your first language? Or is English your first language? Or French? hehe XD

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