I am 3rd generation Filipino, Portuguese, Chinese, born and raised in Honolulu and Hilo, HI.

My Paternal Grandparents were both from the Philippines, though my Grandmother was born in Honolulu. My Maternal Great(s) came from China, the Philippines, and Portugal — although culturally, I am more inclined to pay tribute to my local Hawaiian ways.

hapa164-2As (most) everyone on the islands are uniquely diverse in ethnicity, we simply consider ourselves as “locals,” which to me, is simply all accepting.

Since my family and I moved to the Mainland, I’ve noticed a shift amongst cultural communities as needing to belong and be accepted into your exact ethnic parameters.

It’s tough, sometimes… feeling like I’m not enough of one or the other — or the other. Thank goodness for communities like these.  Here, we all belong to ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Hawaiian, Filipino…

  1. Eh Sistah! Cultural shift indeed. I’m reppin’ the Portuguese, Czech, and Filipino!

    You are a beautiful mix…and I see your multi diversities as an opportunity to be the example. There is a social shift that is forcing us to evolve right now. It is an ethnic revolution in the making.

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