Hello I’m Keiko. I’m of Finnish and Japanese decent – My mother was born in Finalnd and she is of Finnish and of some Japanese decent. My Father is Full Japanese.

I was born and I grew up in Kokkola in Finland with my Mum and Dad and 5 other brothers and sisters for about 5 years. During pre-school there I was teased quite a lot about my Japanese heritage. But I eventually found friends but still no one could reason with me being also half Finnish :P

Though we went back to Japan, I was worrying what people would think of me being half Finnish, though no-one found out thank god :)

My ethnicity of race really only points out Japanese but if your hear my voice I have a European accent to it slightly. And I have been commented if I’m half Swedish more than once because of that :P

I currently speak Finnish well and I have been involved in ceremonies here for Finnish communitiess that I would love to get involved in more. And I plan on going back there because I now know the language well and to let people know I am of your beautiful culture that I love!

One thought on “Japanese, Finnish

  1. Keiko – I am half Japanese and Finnish. I noted your remarks you were glad that in Japan you were not perceived as anything but Japanese. Is that because you are afraid you will not be accepted? You do appear to be full Japanese which I suppose is an advantage if the two heritages are not your desired identity. So not judging, just curious. Best, Kim

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