I grew up in a place that is full of diversity and culture. Sadly, I always felt out of place.

Even among my group of friends that are all Asian, sometimes I would get side remarks of being a “whitey.” It didn’t seem to make sense much considering that I am only ¼ Caucasian.

My mother is Caucasian Vietnamese, and my father is Chinese Vietnamese.  Amazingly enough I was able to pull my mother’s strong features.  My mother embraced her Vietnamese heritage, and had denied her Caucasian side.

I knew my mother never really had a relationship with her father, he left when my grandmother passed away.  My mother was only three years old.   It saddens me that we will never learn about our heritage, or anything about my grandfather.  My and sister and I had been trying to search for him and his family for some time.   Aside from that, I hope to eventually learn and embrace all my cultural background, and hope my mother will eventually do the same.

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