My name is Colette and I have been labeled as different, unique, interesting, or simply absurd for as long as I can recall.

I am a multiracial person, mixed with East Indian, German, Black and Native American. I stand out more than most people, and I yet I am one of the most quiet, shy people some claim they have ever met.

Recently, I have had this spurge of inspiration come across me, to break out of my shell and let the world get to know the real me.

I believe that I have sat back for far too long, allowing others to decide for me who I am.  I cannot say, that at times I am not irritated by the questions, I receive, such as who are you? Where are do you come from? Like I am some alien form.

I am a beautiful woman, with a unique voice in the world, and only ask for friendship and understanding. A part deep within me, understands where the confusion lies, and I think it’s because most people are not aware of ideas, practices outside of their limitations and barriers.

However, I do believe that multiracial people are not weak or inferior as many would like to believe, I think they serve a unique purpose and that’s to break the mold, open minds, increase human value and offer a variety of perspectives.

My only prayer is that I wont be continuously overlooked, based off of my race, instead I hope to be heard and taken seriously, because I take everyone I deal with seriously.

Thank you for creating this community.

3 thoughts on “East Indian, Black…

  1. After reading your introduction about who you are, I was taken aback with so much admiration, along with a strong feeling of kinship with you, as I too, am bi-racial. Growing up in the 60’s, interracial marriages were not very prevalent, so my sisters and myself, naturally looked different in the eyes of most people. One of the parental teachings that remains strongly within me, 51 years later, was the fact that we were taught to always be proud of who we were ethnically. I’m so glad they taught us that because back then, my race was never a problem for me. I do think our race was other peoples problem. Colette, I’m so proud of you for being proud of yourself, and there’s a good chance, you may inspire other interracial people to take notice, and feel just as proud as you and I are about how God created us. Thanks for sharing your beautiful self with people. I wish nothing but good for your life.

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