Hi Hapa community! My name is Shan and I’m a proud Hapa.

Well, why am I proud to be Hapa? Because I identify myself as a unique person because in my country, Asians and Hapas are not many except in Vancouver, which is not the city where I live. It is also because of the look, and I think Asian mixes are often gorgeous!

Furthermore, I am proud of my Chinese heritage because China is a very old country with a lot of history and treasures, the landscapes are beautiful and I would love to visit my second country.

I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. My father is French Canadian and my mother is French Canadian and Chinese, by my grandfather, who was a Cantonese that immigrated to Montreal, even if he didn’t speak a word of French. Unfortunately, my mother and I didn’t have the chance to learn Chinese, but I try to learn it by Mandarin programs, even if Cantonese should be the language we speak.

I have to admit that I’ve faced some difficulties with being Hapa, as being called ching-chong by some kids and still being teased by my friends! But I don’t really care because I am proud to be what I am.

Also, because I look really mixed, people’s opinions are different, for example someone could say I look Asian and someone could say I don’t. It really depends. It was hard for me to be judged by them, I admit it.

I am still proud to be Hapa, to have two origin countries and to have Chinese heritage. No matter what you look like, be proud of what you are, be proud to be Hapa.

One thought on “Canadian, Chinese

  1. Hi Shan. My wife and I are expecting a hapa baby girl. We are french canadian (me) and Chinese/Cantonese (her). After reading your message, we really think that learning her mother’s language will be a priority.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


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