Hey, I’m Claire :)

I can speak both English and Thai. My dad is English and my mum is Thai.

Born and raised in Thailand but soon going to the U.K. for university.

Just found out about ‘Hapa’. Didn’t even know the word a few days ago. There are loads of mixed-raced here in Thailand and I have grown up with loads of people similar to me. Everyone is used to ‘Hapas’ here in Thailand.

Thai people called us ‘half-child’ (if translated). Dunno what it’s gonna be like going to the U.K. though. I went to an international school (private) and that’s how I’m fluent in English although I’m losing my Thai a bit because I don’t use it a lot.

Growing up, I celebrated everything! Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s day, Halloween, Songkran (Thai water festival), Loy Kratong (Another Thai water festival) and we would dress up nicely in our Thai traditional costumes.

From what I recalled, I’ve never had trouble growing up. I know who I am. But, sometimes meeting new people they ask me where am from. Oh, once a woman thought I was Mexican or something, that was quite funny. Very random. I don’t take it seriously.

I do find it difficult, sometimes when you have to be classed as one nationality. I tend to be bias and go for my English side. Because my name is completely English, some expect to look like one. I recently had an incident with the university when I called about the accommodation.

I don’t fit in properly with the Thais. An example, if there is a group of Thai people my age sitting and talking, I don’t have the nature to interact with them properly. I think it’s more of a personal thing.

Sometimes thinking about it, since I’ve never lived in the U.K. (only go there in the Summer every year), I don’t fully understand the people there or know truly what the culture there is like. I hang out and have foreign (expat) friends as well as other ‘Hapas’ like myself. Again, if you were to put me in a group of other Thai teenagers, I wouldn’t be able to interact. People think I am more Western here but when I go to England, they think I am Asian basically.

I’m going to miss Thailand, the food and the markets. Things are way cheaper here than in the U.K.

I think it’s awesome being both nationalities because I have two passports! :D

One thought on “British, Thai

  1. hi im the same as u thai english (well mixed alot of things from the uk) but i was raised in england and people used to think i was full asian they never thought i was thai even though i look it (there not tht familiar wit thailand) my friends used to think i was indian or chinese and they would tease me abit. most ppl in england r shocked when i say im not full asian cause they dont c my english features. im can speak both languages but i cant read and write in thai .
    there r the odd racist ppl but most ppl r friendly in england they may think ur different but they’ll b nice.i have found it hard to make english friendds cause they dont understand tht racist jokes can hurt and wat its like., hope ur friends understand.
    i hope u hav a great time in england :)

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