Hi my name is Ariana and I am half Chinese, one quarter Brazilian, and one quarter German.

I was born in Paraguay and was then adopted by an American family in NY of Austrian descent. When people meet me the first thing I hear is that they can’t figure out what I am.

People have asked me if I was Korean, Indonesian, Filipina, Italian, Japanese, Puerto Rican, Russian and even Persian.

Growing up I had a hard time identifying with a culture because the family that adopted me was culture-less. when I was younger I tried to fit in with certain people, and was ashamed of my Chinese heritage but now I am not. I find that now that I am older I identify with being Chinese and Brazilian more than with my German heritage.

The hardest part about being Hapa is dealing with people who categorize you by the way you look.

Dating people with traditional parents can be hard also. So although people may annoy me asking questions about my nationality, I love being Hapa because Hapas are beautiful. :)

(my boyfriend in the top picture is 100% Chinese btw)

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