Hi I’m Kaileigh (:

Many people are really suprised to find that I’m Mexican and Japanese, and most think I’m Japanese and Filipino because of my almond eyes and my brownish yellow complexion.

When I was younger I’d go with my mother to flea markets and panaderias (Mexican bakery stores) and everyone would stare because I was always the only Asian! Even when I would go with my father to Japanese markets everyone would still stare because to them I barely looked Japanese!

Despite that I love my unique heritage and enjoy the diverse traditions and perspectives both sides of my family give me (:

9 thoughts on “Japanese, Mexican

  1. Im japamexican too ^_^
    I was born in mexico && then moved to the U.S. when i was four. My mom is half japanese and half mexican && my daddy is full mexican (:

  2. Japamexican for life! I am Japanese but Mexican by heart. I’m curious to where do all you guys live? I lived 18 years in Mexico now I’m San Diego. and they STARE at us because we’re unique! Don’t hate it! love it. I sometimes have fun for a bit and lie telling them I’ve been studying Spanish so much I can speak fluently then they’re amazed! haha and another best thing about being Japamexican is the fusion of the two cuisines! Gotta love both!

  3. Me too! My mom is Mexican and my dad is Japanese. I thought I was the only one of my kind. haha. By the way, you look more Japanese than Mexican, in my opinion.

  4. haha, Mexican Japanese here. Weird how to people can experience similar things. I get that funny stare also. Never liked it because it’s simlar to the look people have when staring at a booger.

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