Hello Hapeoples! Really enjoying reading these posts, reminds me that I’m not alone.

Like many others here, I had a difficult time growing up mixed. Being ostracized solely because of my racial background was frustrating and not fun to say the least. Eventually though, I came to realize that having a mixed heritage is not an affliction but a real gift.

Being able to draw from a wider range of influences, exposure to a broader spectrum of opportunities and possibilities… Being Hapa is a fortunate thing.

One thing I feel being multiracial has given me (and the part I probably appreciate the most) is the ability to empathize with other people regardless of ethnicity, to look beyond skin tone and feel a connection to something larger and more profound than race.

Racist thought and fear are unfortunately very much a part of life, even in such a culturally diverse city as this. It does seem though that we are moving towards a more inclusive, less ignorant way of being. I look forward to a day where similarities outweigh differences and we’re all able to look at one another with an open mind and open heart.

John Kriksciun

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