I love this site and finally decided to post!

I was born in Hawaii and raised in Cali. I often get asked by people I first meet what ethnicity I am.

Depending on what my skin tone is and/or how my hair may be styled I get a variety of guesses, from  Korean to Japanese to Middle Eastern to Bosnian (haha), the list is endless and always different.

I am proud to be Hapa and to be born to a Filipina, Chinese mother and Irish, Spanish, Mexican father.

2 thoughts on “Hapa Haole

  1. the ‘what are you’ question is the tip of the iceberg…

    all my life i have sought out (and thankfully often found! ;) a sense of belonging… and if one is ‘visibly’ hapa (as in there is a definite question as to ‘what one is ethnically’ because of physicality) i believe this quest is relatively universal among hapas and mixed people in general.

    we all find our own ways to belong… i have found my home in new orleans, but i also feel that japan is a home as would hawaii be, being so racially hapa/mixed. i have noticed that some hapas go to many lands and cultures to discover a sense of belonging. have you?

    i think it is through our own hapa art and culture that we will find a true and deep sense of belonging, ultimately. i write songs, poetry and am creative in many other ways. art allows me to freely express all the different sides of myself. i have written a ‘hapa song’ and i am curious to hear others’ songs about their hapa experience, i know they are out there!

    i am a hapa mix of: fourth generation japanese american (yonsei) and english/swedish american. but mainly, i am an artist and a human being! :D

    • oh dear my response is so late I’m not sure if you will ever see it! I just happened to look through the old posts and saw someone commented on mines….but i do feel nomadic and while I would like to settle I love becoming more culturally and socially aware (not just because of being a hapa but also because of how my family raised me: to be open minded). I think to be born of races and cultures that are vastly different to begin with the two people who help create you have to be open minded in their own way. However I think my heart has found where it belongs, in San Francisco, one of the most diverse places I’ve been to. I can actually say it is, from race to politics to sexual orientation to culture etc etc, I freakin love it and can’t wait to settle there one day.

      If you ever read this comment you should post your hap a song! It’s always nice when people look past your race and just see you as you are! Hapa pride is human being pride in my opinion!

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