Hi to all people out there ;) My name is Matt, 19 years old living in Austria, Vienna. I am 1/4 Czech 1/4 German (father) and half Taiwanese (mother).

I am proud to be Hapa because it’s a big advantage for me to know about the western and the Asian culture. I also grew up bilingual. I guess that gives me a good overview in life.

There aren’t so many Hapas here in Austria, so it’s lovely to see that there are sooo many Hapas out there =D And the community is growing ;)

Sometimes it hard to answer if someone asks me where I am from.  Shall I say I am Austrian? Or Taiwanese ? xDD

The Europeans think I look more Asian, and the Asians think I look like an European.  So I am pretty confusing right now =O  What do you think about it?

6 thoughts on “Czech, German, Taiwanese

  1. Your essay really expresses everything about being a mix of Asian and European! I’m half Malaysian and half German currently living in Denmark and it doesn’t help when where you’re living is super homogenous (blonde, blue-eyed)!

  2. I’m a hapa too and Asians either see me as Caucasian or they can’t figure out what Asian I am, and non-Asians usually see me as Asian. and when people ask where I’m from i just tell them my mom’s from korea and my dad’s white/caucasian/european decent. but you look like a hapa to me!

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