Howzit, my name is Marcus and I am haole and Filipino. I say “haole” because that is the term for “white” in Hawaii.

There really is no differentiation between what kinds of white you are. If you are German, Irish, Scottish, etc, you are white.

Growing up in Hawaii, you would rarely see someone of a full blood ethnicity. Chances are, you were a mix plate of some sort, so not being Hapa of any sort would be very uncommon. I never really gave this much thought till I moved to Indiana for college. “Wait, you’re two ethnicities? How does that work?”

Simple, My mom was born in the northern Philippines, dad from Missouri. They met in the melting pot of Hawaii, and here I am.

I check the “Asian” bix for formal documents, as I was raised in a very Filipino household. However, growing up in Hawaii, you celebrate everyone’s customs. I was always proud of being more than one ethnicity.

One last thing, Hapas are easily the best looking people on the planet!

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