Hi. I’m Melanie and I’m Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French.

I’ve grown up in Southern California for all my life and it’s been great. Especially when it comes to keeping in touching with my heritage.

I’m proud of being Hapa and have embraced it fully. However, not a lot of people realize that I’m actually half-Asian until I tell them. I’ve been asked if I’m Hawaiian or Filipino a lot.

I was in Little Tokyo and I can speak Japanese (basic conversation) so it was an interesting experience. The cashiers always say I speak so well and wonder why. Once I explain, they seem a little more comfortable talking to me. I’ve gotten better since the last time I went.

I still feel as though I won’t be viewed the way I identify, but that’s okay.

I’ll put it like this: I’m part apple pie, part onigiri, and part dim sum.

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