I am part Black, Native American, and Irish on my father’s side and part Chinese and Black on my mother’s side. I identity mostly with my paternal side because I was raised by my father’s parents.

My grandfather was half Native American. He had a very hard upbringing so he raised me and brother to identify as just Black. My maternal grandmother’s family is Afro Caribbean and identify as Black.

My mother died when I was very young so I didn’t know much about her family. I would see pictures of her and saw beautiful Asian features and wonder if my mom was part Asian.

I have lost most of my Asian features as I’ve gotten older (my brothers haven’t) but I do have beautiful almond eyes.When I turned 18 I reconnected  with my mother’s sister who told me we were part Asian. My grandmother was half Chinese, unfortunately she died before I could meet her. Now I am on a quest to find out more about my Asian side.

I identify as Hapa even though some don’t see me as part Asian because my skin is dark (until they see a pic of my mom) but I smile and don’t get offended because I know I am! I am learning Chinese and I speak some Spanish (living in NYC). Even though the the one drop rule still affects society, I feel and identify as very Hapa :D…so Nihao Zaijian!

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