My name is Lane Raymond Luangxay. I’m half European and Half Laotian. My father is Laotian and my mother is white.

When I was younger I never really thought about what it was like to be half. I always thought of myself as just a regular kid. As I grew older I began noticing it more because people would point it out.

I have strong Asian features and alot of people will assume I speak an Asian language. In high school I only had white friends because I felt like people who were full wouldn’t like me because I’m not full. I didn’t really embrace my Asian side because I felt like I wouldn’t be liked as much, but I realized i was wrong.

I was wrong for feeling like I had to choose.

I shouldn’t have to choose between races. I should just think of myself as a person :-).   I love being Hapa :-) I love seeing different races come together and create something beautiful. I would love to communicate with more people who’re Hapas like I am.

One thought on “European, Laotian

  1. Hey, i am also hapa (: and i just want to say keep up the strong pride of your ethnicity. It’s awesome to acknowledge more people who are multiracial!

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