My name is Akari. My mother is 1/2 Spanish, 1/2 Jordanian, and my father is Japanese.

I’ve been called everything from Puerto Rican to Indian. Almost every time someone takes a guess, most of the time they are wrong.

When I tell people my ethnicity they usually are surprised to know that I’m half Japanese.

I was born in Osaka, Japan and adopted by a Spanish family at the age of 6. I grew up around my Spanish roots, therefore I am fluent in Spanish.

Three years ago I met my father for the first time. My mother’s family kept in touch with me so I frequently go to Barcelona, Spain and visit my mother’s family. I learned how to speak very little in Japanese but hope to someday learn more about my Japanese roots and revisit my family in Osaka.

I am very lucky and proud to be a Hapa.

2 thoughts on “Spanish, Jordanian, Japanese

  1. I am 1/2 spanish 1/2 peruvian and am dating a 1/2 Japanese 1/2 scotish and irish guy. And we always wonder what our kid would look like so its so nice to see someone who has similar background! :)

  2. Hey!(: that’s so cool. first time finding someone who is part Jordanian.
    And you were born in Osaka? :0 im jealous haha. I have family in Japan but i never got the chance to meet them yet. Keep the Hapa pride strong! :D

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