My Name is Feena and I’m a half Asian girl, living currently in Germany.

I went to Germany when I was 4 years old and was adopted by white parents. Althought this was my new home I’ve never forgotten my roots.

My mother is Japanese but her father was Korean. My father is a Hawaiian, raised in Honolulu but my aunt told me that he also has Fillipino family. I’ve never knew that for a long time.

Now I have contact to my family like my aunt in Korea. She’s so nice and always cares about me.

I’m enganged and will marry my fiance in July 2011. He is a Japanese/Thai. His father is from Okinawa and his mother is from Chiang Rai. We will study medicine both in October and living together.

Although many pepole don’t recognize that I’m Asian I’m very proud and happy to be Hapa!

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