Hi :) I am Angel. I was born to a 15 year old in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Adopted two months later (my adoptive mother is White/Puerto Rican), I never knew who my father was, all I knew was that I looked Asian.

In grade school, I lived in a predominately Spanish neighborhood in New York City and I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I don’t look Puerto Rican, I clearly look Asian, and no one ever let me forget it. I got stares upon stares, smart remarks, etc.

Once I left New York to be with family in Southern Maryland, things got way better. I met my cousins! They are mostly adopted and of Asian decent too. It was great to finally fit in.

In New York, I only identified as Latina because I felt I would fit in better that way, and I didn’t know what type of Asian I was anyway, so I guess I felt it didn’t matter. My cousins that are Filipino kept telling me that they felt I was Filipino, and for some reason, in my heart, I felt I was too. So, I started to embrace it, and learned Tagalog.

I found out at 19 that my father is indeed Filipino. I met him. I have lots of family in the Philippines. So many aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters!

I love being Hapa! I’m PROUD. But, my race/ethnicity does not define me. I take pride in knowing that I’m just a beautiful person on the inside.

P.S. I love being a part of two cultures that have some of the most delicious food! Yummmm ^__^

7 thoughts on “Filipino, Puerto Rican

  1. very nice story and i feel you lol i’m Filipino & Puerto rican mixed too of a Filipino Father and a Spanish/Puerto rican mother and my Filipino feautures are very dominant because of my eyes lol but i have never exprienced racism like smart remarks among my fellow puerto ricans but anyways i love your story and we should should be proud of both our Pinoy and Boricua heritage because its a unique and exotic mix ^_^ lol never thought i’d say that and if you dont mind me saying you are very beautiful keep it up and god bless :)

  2. Hey nice to know out there im not da Only Filipina Puerto rican chik tu sabe.. seems like every tme i hear it the same story .. father from phillipines and mom frm puerto rico .. .. its aii doe.. NY is crazy :P

  3. Angel,
    Loved your story, thanks for sharing it on Hapa Voice. I am also of a Filipino/Puerto Rican mix, though my story certainly contrasts your experience being raised in California. BORICUA! ;-p. Glad to see you are proud of who you are as a person and not from a particular title or label another has or may place on you.

    Wish you the best!

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