Hi, my nickname is Miyu, and I’m half Asian and half European.

My dad is half German half Polish and my mum is Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese and Chinese.

A lot of people ask me if I’m Japanese because of my name, and because I like Japanese stuff. But I just married a Hispanic guy, whose last name is Amaya.

I grew up in Germany. But we also have houses in Thailand, where my mum’s family lives. Now I live in Texas, where my husband lives.

In pictures I always look different. Sometimes I look more white, sometimes I look like a mix, and sometimes I look a little bit more Asian.

I am happy to be Hapa and I think that all Hapas are interesting :3

One thought on “German, Thai…

  1. You are very beautiful! My mom is Japanese and my dad is French, German, Irish. My boyfriend, who I plan to marry, is half Puerto Rican, half Irish. I am dying to know what our kids will look like! What exactly is your boyfriend?

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