I grew up in California where it’s really diverse and Hapa people are common! I’ve always taken pride in being Hapa.

To Caucasians I look super Asian but to Asians I look Caucasian. I think it’s fun though answering questions about my race! Many people in my family are Hapa too! I love it! Heres a pic of me and my Hapa sister!

2 thoughts on “Japanese, German

  1. Haha me too! I like it when people ask me about my heritage too! I find it interesting to see what they guess! Althought most people just say Mexican or italian haha!
    Im also part Japanese, and where I live there’s not alot of Japanese hafu
    I hope we can become friends and have someone to relate to! If you want ?

  2. I love being Hapa! And I also love that people ask about my race/heritage and are curious. Hapa’s are so beautiful and unique looking. The sister on the right looks a little like me. I am half Japanese and half German, French, Irish.

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