Growing up, I always felt different because of being mixed. Now, as a young adult, I’m very proud of my mixed heritage.

My father is Swedish, while my mother is black. My dad has taught me some Swedish and has educated my brother and I about the interesting culture. I feel like I’m a good mix between my parents, looking neither completely white nor black.

My brother inherited most of the black features however. It’s always been a struggle for me growing up, unsure of which side to identify as — white or black? Then I realized after awhile, I didn’t have to conform to one side simply because everyone else was trying to label me.

I proudly identify as being mixed, embracing the best of both worlds of both of my races. I also get the negative of having the worst of both worlds, but being mixed has been able to make me feel unique and relate to others quite easily. I’ve been asked the  “What are you?” question more times than I can count, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m proud to answer that question now.

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