On my dad’s side I’m African American, Jamaican and on my Mom side I’m Native American, Spanish, and Puerto Rican.

As a mixed person I have the best of both worlds and the worst of both worlds but at the same time I’m able to relate to everybody.

A lot of times my White friends will see me as Black and my Black friends will tell me that I’m not Black enough and Hispanic, Native American and Asian people will ask me the “What are you?” question. Even though I’ve been through that over and over again it doesn’t faze me and I’m proud to be mixed.

2 thoughts on “African American, Jamaican…

  1. Did anyone ever tell you that you look like the rapper Drake? My friend is actually half-Filipino and African American and she used to feel that she couldn’t fit into either categories. It’s great to see that people can step out and be proud of both their heritage,

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