My name is Kimberly. I was born to a Vietnamese mother and a already very mixed father who is Dutch, Indonesian, German, and Filipino.

Growing up and going to school I always had a hard time with my cultural background and identity. Always questioned “What are you?” to which I’ve learned to punch back with the reply, “Um, human.”

I got used to checking the “OTHER” box.

I’ve learned to embrace my heritage, and especially the amazing foods from each region and learning my cultural history and traditions.

It wasn’t till recently that I started meeting more Hapa folks and learning about mixed cultures, and then was turned on to Hapa Voice. So neat to know I’m not alone, and that I have some mixed brothers and sisters around the world, of the world.

Being of mixed background has also been a great opportunity in getting modeling work, but unfortunately my Asian side leaves me to be “too short.”

So glad to be here to share my little story with Hapa Voice.

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