A great man once said “…”

Alright I don’t have a cool and thoughtful quote to kick this off. So, I’m like this half Persian, half Filipino guy and stuff.

Born and raised in the ghettos (err suburbs) of Washington D.C., I never acknowledged my heritage because ethnicity was rarely brought up in the political correctness of the politics-driven areas surrounding the capital.

It’s only when I moved to California more than a decade ago that the many, many Asians in my high school (Arcadia, CA) asked me “Um…what are you?”

Luckily I couldn’t hear them due to height difference and the tendency to walk away mid-conversation (I profusely apologize in advance if I ever meet you), but their faintly-heard questions did eventually echo as I sought out more opportunities to connect with my halves in college.

You all have had this question asked, especially if you’re a halfie, but what really bugs is the question, “What side do you identify with more?”  After I roll my eyes back down from hearing that question, I usually ignore my track record of being active in the Filipino community and say, “Persian food is by far better.”  Which doesn’t mean I’ll pass up on the next sizzling plate of sisig (fried chunks of pork face).

Probably the best part of being mixed is trying the amalgamation of your ethnic foods.  Ever had Persiapino food?  You’d probably never mashing two different ethnic food styles together without being/meeting someone mixed.

I was excited to hear about this site at the Banana2 conference. Online communities are awesome (I’m also the Managing Partner of Kasama Media, an online community solutions provider and Project Director of the Filipino American online community BakitWhy.com)!

10 thoughts on “Persian, Filipino

  1. Hey, this is kind of an old article but HEEEEY I’M IRANIAN AND FILIPINO TOO. Dude, Persiapino food is the bomb. Haha. Never heard that terminology, but I know exactly what you’re talking about.

    • Naw, never learned Farsi (although I do know certain unsavory words). Been to Iran when I was 13, but can’t go back because of certain issues (like being drafted). What about you?

  2. thanks all :) I’m not a good writer by any means (two typos! and they had to rewrite some of it before posting it I think). bakitwhy.com/kaywan ;)

  3. Nice thoughts. A viewpoint I never heard before. I love being asked my nationality (I’m full Filipina but almost 90% of the time mistaken for everything BUT!)

    Anyways, I’m leaving a comment because your writing style is cool! I loved the article. Cohesive and persuasive. You sound like a writer, you got anymore?

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