To start off, I live in Southern California. I’ve spent most of my life down here, and some time in Hawaii while I wasn’t in school.

I come from a very racially mixed family on both sides. My mom’s side is mostly mixed with Spanish and French. Dad’s side is mostly Filipino but also Hawaiian, Japanese and Spanish.

I mostly grew up around my dad’s side of the family, who spoke Tagalog, Hawaiian and English. My mom’s side of the family is pretty much “Americanized” but some still speak Spanish.

I can speak a good amount of Tagalog, Spanish and Hawaiian. I tried to learn some Japanese in the past but it’s so difficult with all these languages in my head! It’s funny because sometimes I’ll say something in Tagalog or Spanish without even realizing it. I guess you can say I do a lot of things people would stereotype as “Asian”compared to American or something else. Like what I eat, or styles of living. It’s just what I’m used to.

I always get racially misjudged. I normally get perceived as white but occasionally I’ll get “OK…so I know you’re mixed, what are you?” Yes I’ve been blessed with blue eyes. I also used to have blonde hair when I was younger, but it eventualy grew out dark. It’s hard being profiled as things you’re not! Sometimes I get asked if I’m from Mexico! It happens.

Sometimes I wish I would just look like one thing so it’s not such a huge issue, but on the other hand I LOVE who I am and what I am. When I do get racially misjudged, it kinda makes me upset and then I have to explain everything. Then I often get the response, “You don’t look anything like you say you are.” So I just pretty much give up but explain it the best I can.

My trick is just to stick around the people that appreciate you and accept you for what you are. Love who you are in this world today especially if you are mixed, because its a very cool thing to be part of so many cultures.

2 thoughts on “Filipina, Japanese, Hawaiian, French, Spanish

  1. You are very attractive let me tell ya! It’s cool to know there’s girls like you in So Cal I have yet to meet any :p I’m also mixed Japanese/salvadoran. I always get asked if I’m Filipino -_- haha. Not that many asians in my area So I get the weirdest questions. It’s kinda funny cuz I actually speak Spanish and people always get surprised haha I think one advantage of being mixed was the exposure to multicultural stuff like music and food which are the two greatest things I discovered in life :) ya gotta let me know where I can find some cool Asian friends I been missing out haha

  2. I am also mix, Filipino-Japanese but most of the time people thought that I am a Korean.. Here in Asia, mixed are widely accepted. You are really pretty and it is cool that you can speak some Tagalog.. And I agree, its a very cool thing to be part of so many cultures.^^!~

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