Hi! My name is Sean Sackett.  Are you surprised that I’m not a Caucasian, blond haired, blue eyed guy after hearing my name?

In some parts of California, people often mistaken me as Mexican/Spanish and usually begin conversations with me in Spanish.  Being flattered and sometimes caught off guard, I politely tell them I’m Caucasian and Japanese.  Being born and raised in Hawaii and always being out in the sun, I’ve also been mistaken for Hawaiian, Filipino and various other nationalities.

Despite the random guesses from people, I’m so proud to be Hapa!  I’ve recently traveled to Japan to visit my grandmother and embrace my Japanese culture. I also plan on taking a trip to Europe next year.

Being multi-racial is special, and each nationality has its own story to tell. It’s a great feeling to know that you are part of that story and also to share it with others!  =) Hapa Pride!

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