My name is Jenelle Renee Jackson. My father is a pure-blood Lenape Native American, and my mother is half English and half German.

I moved from the reservation I was born in when I was two to Minnesota, where I grew up with very little diversity around me. Although I experienced some racism from others, my weird mix of blood was generally met with curiosity.

It’s not easy to grow up with many Native American customs outside of the reservation, but my father tried his hardest to educate my brother and I about our Native side.

Some of my fondest memories are of being shown how to build a leaf-hut in the fall, and of walking through the woods with my father while he pointed out how to recognize and copy different bird calls. I remember him being able to walk silently through dry leaves until even wild deer couldn’t notice him, a feat I never quite mastered.

I’ve always been proud of my different heritages, and I think I grew up with a more open mind because of them. Mixed blood is a blessing!

2 thoughts on “Lenape Native American…

  1. OH MY GOSH!
    Someone who is actually native American!
    My father is half lakota and half Japanese!! For real native American, unlike a bunch of other people who are like I’m 1/16 cherokee Indian… That’s my number one pet peeve!
    It’s really hard to find another native American to talk to and relate to,
    I only get to see other natives when I go to rez
    I really hope we can be friends , if you want?

  2. how great is it jenelle to finally realise you are hapa and not half this and look kind of that…discovering hapa i feel is like closure for my identity what do you think?

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