Born in NY, raised in Japan.

I’m a classical musician residing in San Francisco.  I am currently composing for a film called “HAFU” which is about the experiences of mixed-Japanese people.  Updates on the movie can be seen and heard on www.hafufilm.com and www.wintonwhite.com.

For most of my life I never fit in; from being picked on by the Japanese neighbor’s kids to having mostly white friends in college.  I was the token “hafu” kid (or “hapa” in America).  I’m a very social person that gets along with a variety of people of all walks, but I have never fit into a mold.  Although I like being different, naturally as human beings do, I still would like to fit-in to an extent…or I should say, be accepted.

I take pride in my old-school Japanese upbringing (as we would call in Japanese, “wabi sabi”).  I was told that I act more Japanese than guys in Tokyo.  Even if many people in Japan may not accept me as a “real Japanese,” the important thing is that I know that I am full Japanese and full American.  If people can’t comprehend that, that’s their problem.  I am bilingual and bicultural; I speak both and I think in both cultural mindsets; I am both Japanese and American.

4 thoughts on “Japanese, Caucasian

  1. I can totally relate to being not accepted by my peers growing up. I had a hard time making new friends and kept quiet about my background for so long, it became frustrating. Being Hapa and trying to fit in was not easy, but I slowly came about my ways and now happy being myself. Thank you for your story!

  2. I totally understand what you mean about “being more Japanese” than full Japanese people. You’re full Japanese imo. It is what’s on the inside that counts!

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