I am half Taiwanese and half Caucasian. My mother is from Taichung, Taiwan and my father is from Boston, Massachusetts. My father is French, Scottish, German, and maybe a bit of a lot of other stuff.

Everyone thinks I just look purely white, however, I relate to all parts of my ethnicity. I used to live in Taiwan for two years and then in China for another two. I am a firm believer that eventually we hapas will take over the world and make it a better place. I started a group on facebook called “Halfies and Mixed Kids Gone Global!” in order to promote multi-culture.

My mother was hugely adamant that we speak both Mandarin and English growing up and I appreciate that now, because being bilingual has been a huge plus in my life. My father is a very worldly guy who unlike most Americans had us eating calamari, spicy food, and even oyster stuffing for our turkey on Thanksgiving, since we were little! In other words, he was a huge advocate of us having a worldwide culinary palate, which although my enlarging rear end does not appreciate…my taste buds sure do!

Growing up we actually got made fun of for being Asian, but I think it’s mostly because we grew up in San Antonio, Texas which is predominantly Mexican American (or Texicans). So we had to hear a lot of the “Me Chinese me play joke…” kinda stuff growing up. Truthfully I think this helped in the long run give me thicker skin, so I don’t necessarily consider it a bad experience.

What I like most about being mixed is the fact that we tend to be more open minded automatically. We are exposed to different cultures since we are little and we have relatives that are all different ethnically so grow up being more prone to try and understand other people and other cultures.

3 thoughts on “Taiwanese, French, Scottish, German

  1. Hey. I’m Half-taiwanese too!

    My mom is from Taiwan! What is funny is that my sister looks purely white, but my brother and I both look like obvious taiwanese mixes!

    My sis is happy that she doesn’t look taiwanese because she has absolutely no care for her culture…..But I do! I am currently learning
    Chinese II (I want to learn taiwanese and japanese some day!)
    I really like it that you are embracing your culture.

  2. Dear GL,

    You are awesome! You make me want to be a hapa. And in a way, I kind of am…but that’s a Mexican heritage discussion for another day.

    Diana (your old roomie)

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