I was 6 weeks old when I was adopted. I was 3 when I found out. I was 7 when my parents explained my ethnicity. I am half Taiwanese and half Caucasian (Irish/French Canadian).

My adoptive parents are Chinese/Filipino (Mom) and German/Irish (Dad). It’s interesting to me that I was adopted by people to whom I could easily pass for as their biological child. Being raised in an Asian American household, I’ve always easily identified with my Asian roots, even though I look 100% Caucasian. It’s always been entertaining to have people guess what my ethnicities are and fail. I am proud to be Hapa, and am passing the Asian culture onto my daughter. She’s learning Mandarin.

One thought on “Taiwanese, Irish, French Canadian

  1. It’s great that you were adopted into a family that was easy for you to blend into, and it’s wonderful that you are making sure your daughter stays connected with here roots. good job!

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