My name is Lange and I identify ethnically as Filipino, Irish, German, and Spanish.

65 years ago, my parents would not have been able to marry legally in the state of California. I am constantly astounded that my Filipina grandmother and my German-Irish grandfather have lived long enough to see official discrimination end and to proudly watch their children come together to form a family.

Over and over, society reinforces the idea that differences in culture, race, religion, and language are an impediment to love. By their very existence, mixed kids challenge this notion: our parents might not come from the same ethnic background, but our families have the same problems and enjoy the same successes as any others. Our families are loving and supportive and sometimes dysfunctional, and if we have any unique strengths it’s that our differences make us more tolerant and welcoming. We are revolutionary and modern and we are a glimpse of a more loving, more inclusive future.

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