My name is Daniel Sitterle and I am half Korean and half French. I am currently a Sociology Graduate student. I have always been interested in racial and ethnic identities as well as the implications of these identities within society.

My racial mixture has always had an influence on my daily life as early as I can remember and still does to this day. I have had positive and negative experiences due to my biracial mixture. I know there are those out there who are going through what I had gone through and am still going through. And maybe they could use some encouragement and advice or just someone who can relate to them. I try to mesh my two ethnic identities, but often find myself not being Asian enough or White enough. I am always misidentified and constantly seeking others who share my plight. I am very proud to be half Korean as I immerse myself with the Korean culture and practices. I am pleased to say that my Mother has taught me how to prepare some traditional Korean dishes as well as customs and history and if I can say myself that they are not half bad!

I feel it is important to come together as a group and realize that we have the potential and power to create a place where we belong and can prosper. I am usually the only Asian in my group of friends and come to the realization that I at times represent my racial mixture regardless of my intent. I hope to find others and start a network of those who can facilitate a harmonious environment and start something that will change peoples lives for the better. Hit me up and lets’ start cooking, so to speak!

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