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Sh*t People Say to Mixed Kids

Sh*t Mixed People Get!

Half Asians, Texans, and Stereotypes

The Half-Asian Conversations

Hafu: The Mixed-Race Experience in Japan

One Big Hapa Family

Hapa Perspectives

Hapa Student Association at Ohio State University

CNN’s Betty Nguyen profiles Kip Fulbeck: Growing Up Hapa

Hines Ward Hapa Hero

Multiracial in America

Mixed: Raising a Multiracial Child in America

The 100% Mixed Show

Hapa United

In My Experience: A Multi-Racial Heritage

Good Luck Soup short: Ellen Hashiguchi

A Lot Like You

The Loving Story


50 Experiences of Racially Mixed People

Race Is Real…But Not in the Way Many People Think

Visualizing Race, Identity, and Change

Multiracial American Population Grew Faster Than Single-Race Segment In 2010 Census

The Supreme Court Ended Mixed-Race Marriage Bans Less than 50 Years Ago

Black? White? Asian? More Young Americans Choose All of the Above

‘Mixed Kids Are the Cutest’ Isn’t Cute?

This Is Who I Am: Defining Mixed-race Identity

Self-Identified Multiracial Individuals Realize Real Benefits

Betwixt And Between: Studying Multiracial Identity

Mixed-race Teen in the Middle: Who Will She Choose?

When You’re Mixed Race, Just One Box Is Not Enough

Number of Interracial Couples in U.S. Reaches All-time High

10 Mistakes People Make When Talking About Race

In Korean Classrooms, Multiracial Students Struggle to Fit In

Children Learn Attitudes about Race at Home

The Hapa Advantage

Hapa Nation


Loving Day

Project RACE



MAVIN Foundation

Crossing Borders, Bridging Generations

Multiracial Americans of Southern California

Mixed Marrow

More Resources

The Two or More Races Population: Census 2000 Brief

Multiracial/Hapa Asian Americans: History, Demographics and Issues

The Changing Face of America

The Race Card Project


When Half is Whole

Hapa Japan Festival

The Hapa Project

Loving v. Virginia

Nikkei View: The Asian American Blog

Amy Hodgepodge Children’s Books

The Mixed Race Project


Everything Hapa

The Daily Multiracial

The Hafu Project

Audrey Magazine


Hyphen Magazine

Half Korean

Mochi Magazine

Bicultural Mom

Third Culture Kid

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